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I’m an actor and writer based in Montreal. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from brief appearances in CTV’s
‘Transplant’ (2020) and Jonathan Levine’s ‘Long Shot’(2019), to supporting roles in TV films like ‘Fugitive at 17’ (2012) and ‘Trigger point’ (2015). In 2013, I took part in the SODEC Sprint for Your Script Competition and won the WGC/Jimmy
Lee prize for best English script for my adaptation of The Mountain Clinic by Harold Hoefle. In 2014, I took part in the
Praxis Screenwriter's Lab at the Whistler Film Fest and in June of 2015, I returned for the Praxis Summer Reading
series. In 2020, I developed a podcasted play (POD PLAY) based on my un-produced comedic thriller “MTL Bike Thief ”
and began a festival tour of the short film “Rent Do” based on my web series “CUBED”.

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